Sept 15th Nextcloud updates 19.0.3 and 18.0.9 with two dozen fixes!

You can now download a third update for our latest Nextcloud Hub v19, as well as 18.0.9. These have been issued faster than our usual 6 week schedule due to a issue with the trash we wanted to fix as soon as possible! With this fix come some other improvements which were ready to ship. As always, these minor releases are focused on stability and ... Read More »

Sept 15th Implementing Two-Factor Authentication Throughout Magento

As an increasing number of employees work remotely and businesses are forced to shift more of their operations to work-from-home digital solutions, security firm Zscaler saw hacking threats jump by 20% in the month of March alone. One of the most basic types of attack from hackers is at the account login page. In fact, according to ... Read More »