It is Virtual but with real tangible benefits

The main advantage of the virtual private server in comparison to the dedicated server is that it is more flexible and scalable on the low end of the scale, thus it is more affordable most of the time. However a VPS can be so fully packed with resources that it can easily beat some of the physical ones. Handle even your most resource-intensive projects with ease!
With our machines working in Europe’s finest data centers, You get best-in-class performance with AMD EPYC 2nd Gen, Intel® Xeon® Gold processors and speedy NVMe SSDs.
You can choose between local storage and network storage (NVMe SSD RAID or Ceph). And you’ll benefit from our redundant 10 Gbit network connection.

data center

How we manage your VPS

We set up your server and take care of the necessary configurations. We apply the latest upgrades, and we are continuously monitoring every important detail regarding the operation of your server in order to be able to tweak it proactively whenever is needed for optimal performance. Beyond these our Devops team is here to help you to finetune your server at a deeper level to find better synergy with your applications.


Starting at
19.95 €/mo
  • CPU: 2
  • RAM Memory: 2 GB
  • NVMe SSD: 40 GB
  • KVM Virtualization: Yes
  • DDOS protection: Yes
  • Traffic: 20 TB


Starting at
39.95 €/mo
  • CPU: 4
  • RAM Memory: 8 GB
  • NVMe SSD: 160 GB
  • KVM Virtualization: Yes
  • DDOS protection: Yes
  • Traffic: 20 TB


Starting at
79.95 €/mo
  • CPU: 8
  • RAM Memory: 16 GB
  • NVMe SSD: 240 GB
  • KVM Virtualization: Yes
  • DDOS protection: Yes
  • Traffic: 20 TB


Starting at
149.95 €/mo
  • CPU: 16
  • RAM Memory: 32 GB
  • NVMe SSD: 360 GB
  • KVM Virtualization: Yes
  • DDOS protection: Yes
  • Traffic: 20 TB

Some of the best features of our managed virtual servers


It’s tailored to your exact needs, no overhead, scale anytime!

Stress Free

We take care of your server 24/7, proactive monitoring, upgrades, everything

Risk Free

Try it, Love it or take our 7 days Money Back Guarantee!

Superb Infrastructure

Europe’s top data centers, state-of-the-art hardwares, broad & fast network

Devops Skills For Deeper Optimization

We focus on what you want to achieve, and cooperate with you to finetune your server for the best experience

Ultra Fast Provisioning

VPS delivery time is max. 50 sec from order confirmation. Average delivery time is 29 sec

Frequently Asked Questions

Where my VPS will be located?

Ruffnet provides VPS Hosting Services on the following locations:

  • Nuremberg, Germany
  • Falkenstein, Germany
  • Helsinki, Finland
During the order process, you can select the desired location of your VPS.

Once your payment passes fraud checks, we will deliver your server within maximum 50 sec. Average setup time for VPS is 29 sec!

Can I order additional bandwidth for my VPS?

Yes, you can order additional bandwidth for your VPS Hosting.
We charge 10 EUR for 1TB per month.
If you wish to order additional bandwidth, please email our sales department at

What is the port speed for VPS?

Every VPS have up to 10Gbps burstable speed.

Can I install Windows?

Right now we are focusing on support for Linux as an operating system. If you wish, you may install Windows on your own, and we have seen successful installations done. However, we will not provide any support for Windows.

What are floating IPs and how do they work?

Each VPS automatically comes with one IPv4 and one IPv6 net (/64). You can also add floating IPs for a small fee.
Floating IPs help you to create highly flexible setups. You can assign a floating IP to any server. The server can then use this IP. You can reassign it to a different server at any time, or you can choose to unassign the floating IP from servers all together.
Floating IPs can be used globally. This means you can assign a floating IP to a server in one location and later reassign it to a server in a different location. For optimal routing and latency, floating IPs should be used in the location they were created in.